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Swearing and the Lady

Is Women Swearing Acceptable?

I know that peer pressure encourages us to swear. Swearing is verbal communion, where we use keywords which represent various emotions and connect us as a group. I understand this need to be accepted in our community.  However, as a lady, I seek to minimize offense that my ignorance might cause to other people.   Just as there are groups who use profanity to connect, there are also groups who connect through the quality of their language. Therefore, this urge to connect with your peers also serves to disconnect you from those in the wider community. I can see no […]

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Stand Out

How to Build Confidence and Self-Esteem

Of all the questions that I am asked by my clients, without question, the number 1 question is from women asking how to build confidence.  A woman who isn’t comfortable in her own skin doesn’t have much confidence in herself.  She wants to blend seamlessly into the background and not be noticed by anyone.  Perhaps she has the wrong idea that a feminine woman is shy and undemanding of attention. I am going to teach you one little skill that is going to throw all of that out of the window, and start you learning how to build confidence and […]

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Table Manners – My 8 Top Tips on Dining Etiquette

Do you have a fancy dinner to go to and don’t have time to sift through volumes of material on table manners? Did you feel uncomfortable at an event and don’t want it to happen again? Don’t have the time? Whatever the reason, let me just give it to you straight in one quick, easy lesson.  Here are my 8 Top Tips on Table Manners. 1. Arrive on Time Never arrive early and not more than 15 minutes late. (I know that’s not table manners, but people don’t seem to know this) 2. Off the table Your handbag, phone and […]

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Sore feet

How to Relieve Sore Feet in High Heels

You know the feeling…. You buy a gorgeous pair of high heels and they soon turn into your arch enemies… Sore feet in high heels cause you nothing but sheer agony.  This is nothing short of inconvenient at the very time when you are trying to look calm and collected. I am beginning to find that my heels are starting to cause me considerable pain, to the point that I recently found myself having to leave an event early. I like the way that heels make me feel and I don’t want to give them up, so some research and guidance […]

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Eyebrow Shape

How to Get the Perfect Eyebrow Shape

Eyebrow Shaping Tips for the Feminine Woman Eyebrows frame our face in the same way that a beautiful painting is framed.  Knowing how to get the perfect eyebrow shape will frame your face beautifully. A delicate face with big busy eyebrows is unnerving, as is a strong face with pencil thin lines. What about those women who shave them off completely, and draw on a pretend eyebrow? What about the Uni-brow? 😮 It is important that the frame is in harmony with the painting. In fact, a frame should be so much in harmony, that the observer can not remember […]

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Crossed Legs like a lady

How to Cross your Legs like a Lady

Many women will see this title as a contradiction. This is because strict etiquette says that a real lady does not cross her legs, so it should not be possible to say that a woman can have crossed legs. Well… I live in the real world… The reality is that over 70% of women have crossed legs when sitting. Etiquette and deportment needs to move with the times and be something that is suitable for the 21st-century woman. Women no longer receive the training in their youth to strengthen their inner thigh muscles through keeping their legs close together when […]

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Care for your hands

How to Care for your Hands

Knowing how to care for your hands will keep them in beautiful condition Whether we are aware of it or not, people make judgments on you based on the condition of your hands. People are sensitive to discovering information about people from non-verbal cues. They can deduce if you are disciplined, organized and self-caring by the state of your hands. Dry, unwashed hands with badly manicured nails show a woman who does not have the time or inclination to implement an easy hand care routine.  You can learn how to make your hands look more beautiful by making sure that […]

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First Impressions Matter – How to Make a Good First Impression

Never underestimate the importance of making a good first impression The moment I see her, I get a sense that she is someone special….  Her posture is my first impression, for her form is obvious to me, well before I can make out any of the finer details. She holds herself upright with a straight back and a raised head. I know that only training allows her to keep her shoulders back with effortless ease. She is sitting comfortably with her knees together. I already know that she walks with an elegant grace. I can’t help but admire her already. […]

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