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Invitation dress code

Explaining the Invitation Dress Code

It is always lovely to receive an invitation to an event.  It’s even more pleasurable if you know how to dress to the requested dress code. Invitation Dress Code White Tie (Formal) – This is as formal as it gets.  Wear a floor-length evening gown that fits you perfectly (and covers you).  Gloves are preferred, […]

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Buying Shoes

Buying shoes – Get it right the first time

Wearing the right pair of shoes means a lot to a woman. Men may call it our obsession, but until they have stood for an hour in high-heel shoes that are causing their feet to bleed, they can’t possibly know just how important buying shoes that are fit for purpose are. If we are in […]

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Casual Wear

What is a Casual Dress Code?

I find the topic of casual dress code to be a very interesting topic.  There is a subjective element in its understanding. What one woman considers to be appropriate is rarely shared by women generally. While it is something personal to a woman’s taste and style, thereof are also other elements at play. Don’t worry, […]

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Sore feet

How to Relieve Sore Feet in High Heels

You know the feeling…. You buy a gorgeous pair of high heels and they soon turn into your arch enemies… Sore feet cause you nothing but sheer agony at the very time when you are trying to look calm and collected. I am beginning to find that my heels are starting to cause me considerable […]

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