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How to Relieve Sore Feet in High Heels

Sore feet in high heels

You know the feeling…. You buy a gorgeous pair of high heels and they soon turn into your arch enemies… Sore feet in high heels cause you nothing but sheer agony.  This is nothing short of inconvenient at the very time when you are trying to look calm and collected.

I am beginning to find that my heels are starting to cause me considerable pain, to the point that I recently found myself having to leave an event early. I like the way that heels make me feel and I don’t want to give them up, so some research and guidance are necessary.

For me, the pain was in the front of the foot. I know that most pains to the heels of our feet are caused by badly fitting shoes, but this front foot pain was occurring no matter what heels I was wearing.

Here is what I learned…

Baby's feetAs we get older, the balls of our feet begin to lose their padding and aren’t as plump as they once were. The padding gets squished forward and begins to cause a lot of pain when wearing high heels because we need that padding to cushion our weight.

It’s not just the weight-bearing job that this padding does which is causing the sore feet pain, however. Without these little plump bits, my foot is sliding down the front of my shoes and this is causing my toes to be crushed in the toe of the shoe.

It is just natural aging, but I don’t have to continue my suffering in silence.

Silicon metatarsal pads are little clear gel pads that you stick to the front of your shoes. They work to replace the padding that is no longer there. Because they are clear and do not go to the edge of the shoe, I can attach them to even my strappy heels.

I can’t begin to tell you the difference that these pads make to me. My feet no longer feel like they are falling forward and crushing into the front of my shoe. Many high-quality shoes will have some metatarsal padding built in, but I am so relieved to know that I can take some of the pressure off of my tootsies.

These pads can be bought from a pharmacy, podiatrist, and most good shoe stores.

ps. I was shocked to discover that women are getting injections into their feet in an attempt to replace this lost padding. Our feet take a heavy beating from us, and playing with the feet in such a way is not recommended.

What are your tips for dealing with sore feet in high heels?

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