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How Can I Become More Attractive? – 7 Top Tips

It’s quite normal for a woman to want to be seen by other people as being attractive.   However, asking “How can I become more attractive?” can be seen by many people as being shallow and self-obsessed.  For this reason, I am going to both propose AND answer the question. The practical reality in our modern world is that a great deal of a woman’s self-image is wrapped up in how attractive she considers herself.   Therefore, it is beneficial to a woman’s self-esteem to learn how to present herself as an attractive and desirable person. Being considered as ‘attractive’ has more […]

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Growing Short Hair

Growing short hair – Do it with style and class

So, you’ve decided that you’ve outgrown your short hair style and want to let those locks grow out.  Growing short hair can take a bit of effort to do if you want to continue to look half decent while it is growing.  You can begin to wonder if you will ever look attractive ever again. Don’t reach for the head scarf just yet.  It is possible to make an elegant transition through the awkward stages of growth. Hair grows at around 1cm per month.  Use a ruler to measure from your current length to your desired length, and you can […]

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Hairstyles for women

Hairstyles for Women – Cutting to your face shape

What face shape do you have?  Have you managed to get to your age without even knowing?  Let that stop right here.  In order to make correct decisions about the best hairstyles for women, you should really know what your face shape is.  Most women are able to tell you their sun sign in a flash, yet they have no idea as to what their face shape is, therefore knowing how to best flatter themselves. Finding out your face shape is not such a hard thing to do and, in fact, it can be quite fun.  Let’s get it out of […]

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Skin Care Routine

A Very Simple Skin Care Routine

This article is designed for the woman who doesn’t currently have a skin care routine in place.  She may feel overwhelmed by the vast array of products on the market and their purposes. This skin care routine is very simple and can be achieved on almost any budget.  The skin on the face is quite thin and is constantly exposed to the weather, sun and environment.  It is also susceptible to internal changes in diet, stress, exercise, and age.  As our face is our presentation to the world, it is worth learning this simple routine, and making it part of […]

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Lip Liner

How to Apply Lip Liner Correctly – with Video

Knowing how to apply lip liner is the secret to not only having beautifully defined lips, it also works to reduce lipstick bleeding and can be used to get extra staying power out of your lipstick color. If you feel that your lips are uneven, proper application of liner can create a more appealing lip shape. Applying lip liner should be a not-negotiable part of your make-up routine. As lipstick is usually the last thing that we apply, we can tend to become a little careless with it’s application and spoil the whole overall look. For those who find applying […]

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Eyebrow Shape

How to Get the Perfect Eyebrow Shape

Eyebrow Shaping Tips for the Feminine Woman Eyebrows frame our face in the same way that a beautiful painting is framed.  Knowing how to get the perfect eyebrow shape will frame your face beautifully. A delicate face with big busy eyebrows is unnerving, as is a strong face with pencil thin lines. What about those women who shave them off completely, and draw on a pretend eyebrow? What about the Uni-brow? 😮 It is important that the frame is in harmony with the painting. In fact, a frame should be so much in harmony, that the observer can not remember […]

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