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Playground Swing

The world is just a bigger playground – Be a good playmate

Do you remember your childhood playground days? Was it a positive experience? Did you feel safe and able to fully express your individuality? We may like to think that we have put our playground days behind us, especially if they were unpleasant. The truth is that life’s lessons will continue to play on us, until we pay attention, listen, and learn from them. Our playground never leaves us. The toys have just changed. They may now be iPads and mobile phones, rather than swings and teeter-totters, but our playground is still the place where we hope to express our individuality […]

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Self Discipline secrets

The Secrets of Self-discipline

Definition of self-discipline: Control of oneself, willpower. There is often an image in a woman’s mind that to become a lady is to live a life of leisure.  The reality is vastly different.  A lady is constantly working on her self-development and self-discipline to ensure that she is able to get the best from herself. Some women were just born or raised with a strong self-discipline. To them I say “Lucky you”.  A lot of us (myself included) have been working very hard on self-discipline, which is an oxymoron (def: conjoining contradictory terms) in itself.  How can you consistently work hard on learning […]

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