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Feeling empty inside

Feeling Empty Inside – Overcoming Emotional Numbness

What is it that leaves us feeling empty inside? We continue to add more and more ‘stuff’ to our life, but somehow the ‘hole’ inside of us just seems to get bigger. Our world calls on us to be stronger…. tougher… thinner…. richer…. and busier, every day of our life. We strive on…. push forward… and stretch ourselves, all the while getting further away from our central core identity.   In fact, I would go as far to say that if you cracked the hard egg-shell of most women, then you would be disappointed to find them almost empty inside. […]

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Home Manicure

Give your nails a home manicure

Giving your nails a home manicure is more practical for a lot of women due to financial or time constraints. Perhaps you just enjoy caring for yourself and find a manicure an enjoyable time that you can spend with yourself. Here is how to manicure your nails at home. You could print this article out and keep it beside you as you complete your manicure. Home Manicure *  Remove your old nail polish. *  Wash your hands to remove any oils, acetone and dirt from your fingernails. Don’t forget to clean under your nails. A nail brush helps with this. […]

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Keep a sleep diary

Keeping a Sleep Diary

The amount of sleep that we need at night varies greatly between each individual.  Even with each person, the sleep requirement alters, depending on age, lifestyle, and health.  Keeping a sleep diary is the way to keep watch over the needs of your body. How much sleep do we need? Most adult women have a sleep requirement of somewhere between 7-9 hours of sleep each day.  If the individual sleep requirement is consistently short, then a sleep debt can accumulate.  This can lead to mental or physical fatigue.  Even a sleep that is shortened by just half-an-hour a day can […]

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Caring for your decolletage

Caring for your Decolletage

What is a Decolletage? (Décolletage) Your decolletage (also called décolleté) is the skin that covers your chest from your neckline down to your cleavage. It is a French term which seems to have no English translation, except perhaps cleavage or exposed chest area. Perhaps this is due to the fact that, although the décolletage has long been a part of a French woman’s skin care routine, many westerners are new to the concept of caring for that part of your body. The skin on your decolletage is thinner than on your face and therefore more prone to showing the signs […]

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Skin Care Routine

A Very Simple Skin Care Routine

This article is designed for the woman who doesn’t currently have a skin care routine in place.  She may feel overwhelmed by the vast array of products on the market and their purposes. This skin care routine is very simple and can be achieved on almost any budget.  The skin on the face is quite thin and is constantly exposed to the weather, sun and environment.  It is also susceptible to internal changes in diet, stress, exercise, and age.  As our face is our presentation to the world, it is worth learning this simple routine, and making it part of […]

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Female Body Odor – How to Smell like a Rose

Sometimes you can’t smell your own body odor.  Sometimes it nearly knocks you out! We just have to face it as something that all human beings have and make sure that we have a self-care system in place which stops us from having to worry about whether we smell or not. What is Body Odor Body Odor is a bacteria that grows on the body. Bacteria like really warm places and thrive in sweat, which is why most of our body odor comes from our armpits. Sweat itself doesn’t really have a bad odor. The amount of bacteria and the […]

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Care for your hands

How to Care for your Hands

Knowing how to care for your hands will keep them in beautiful condition Whether we are aware of it or not, people make judgments on you based on the condition of your hands. People are sensitive to discovering information about people from non-verbal cues. They can deduce if you are disciplined, organized and self-caring by the state of your hands. Dry, unwashed hands with badly manicured nails show a woman who does not have the time or inclination to implement an easy hand care routine.  You can learn how to make your hands look more beautiful by making sure that […]

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