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How to Build Confidence and Self-Esteem

how to build confidence

Of all the questions that I am asked by my clients, without question, the number 1 question is from women asking how to build confidence.  A woman who isn’t comfortable in her own skin doesn’t have much confidence in herself.  She wants to blend seamlessly into the background and not be noticed by anyone.  Perhaps she has the wrong idea that a feminine woman is shy and undemanding of attention.

I am going to teach you one little skill that is going to throw all of that out of the window, and start you learning how to build confidence and self-esteem.

You are an object of beauty (Like it or not)

I don’t care if you don’t believe it.  You aren’t in a position to judge your own beauty.  Because beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and your self-assessment of your beauty is tainted with your own experiences.

An artist displays his painting on a wall in a gallery for everyone to see.  He knows that not everyone will see the beauty in his art (I still am to be convinced of the beauty of Picasso) and perhaps even the great majority of people will not appreciate his work.  He is aware that he has not become the perfect artist, and that his art is merely a representation of where he is at this stage in his life.  Yet, he exposes himself through his art all the same.


I believe that his reasons are to connect with like-minded people.    There will be a handful of people who will see beauty in his art.  Maybe a dark beauty or an eccentric beauty, but beauty all the same.  Even these people will not see the same that he sees, yet their appreciation of his expression connects them on a deeper level.

Do you wonder why you are not getting a meaningful connection with others?

Are the people whom you are connecting with, on a different wave length to you?

It is time for you to come out of that shell that you have hidden in.  Don’t judge yourself as being unworthy to be seen.  That is not a judgment for you to make.

Stand up.. Stand Out… and let people gaze upon you as they would a piece of art.  Be prepared to receive some criticism.  Don’t worry about that, because nobody will judge you as harshly as you already judge yourself.  (If you find yourself incapable of stopping your negative self talk then read Self Talk: Clearing Out Negative Thoughts.)

Mainly, be prepared to have people notice beauty in you.  You ARE an object of beauty.

Ego is not an independent function.  It requires input from others.

Stop hiding your light under a bushel.  Stop storing your artwork in the basement.  Let us gaze upon you and let us judge for ourselves.


You bet!  Just ask any artist on his opening night.

This is where the magic happens.  As soon as one person notices something beautiful about you… “Poof!”…  you absorb it in and become even more beautiful.  Then, the next person witnesses something greater and…. “Poof!”… there you go again, growing in beauty.

This is the magic that happens when you are prepared to STAND UP and STAND OUT.

I work with women every day who are lacking in confidence.  I teach them how to build confidence and self-esteem in my Feminine Foundations Program.

Are you ready to learn how to build confidence and self-esteem?

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