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Playground Swing

The world is just a bigger playground – Be a good playmate

Do you remember your childhood playground days? Was it a positive experience? Did you feel safe and able to fully express your individuality? We may like to think that we have put our playground days behind us, especially if they were unpleasant. The truth is that life’s lessons will continue to play on us, until […]

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Clear out your negative thoughts

Self Talk: Clearing out negative thoughts

When you are alone, how do you speak to yourself ? What words come to mind when you look at yourself in the mirror? Have you ever caught yourself thinking “I am stupid”, “I am lazy”, “I am ugly” or “I am fat”? If you are regularly having negative thoughts, you face an uphill battle to […]

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Goal Setting

Goal Setting is an important element of success

Goal setting is a vital element of a lady’s self-development.  Life is a never-ending journey. Unless we have it clear in our mind which milestones we want to reach along the way, we will waste our lives going in various directions that aren’t of our own desire. We also notice that we repeatedly find ourselves […]

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Self Discipline secrets

The Secrets of Self-discipline

Definition of self-discipline: Control of oneself, willpower. There is often an image in a woman’s mind that to become a lady is to live a life of leisure.  The reality is vastly different.  A lady is constantly working on her self-development and self-discipline to ensure that she is able to get the best from herself. Some […]

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Stand Out

How to Build Confidence and Self-Esteem

A woman who is not comfortable in her own skin doesn’t have much confidence in herself.  She wants to blend seamlessly into the background and not be noticed by anyone.  Perhaps she is under the false illusion that a feminine woman is shy and undemanding of attention. I am going to teach you one little […]

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