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Is Women Swearing Acceptable?

women swearing

I know that peer pressure encourages us to swear. Swearing is verbal communion, where we use keywords which represent various emotions and connect us as a group. I understand this need to be accepted in our community.  However, as a lady, I seek to minimize offense that my ignorance might cause to other people.  

Just as there are groups who use profanity to connect, there are also groups who connect through the quality of their language. Therefore, this urge to connect with your peers also serves to disconnect you from those in the wider community. I can see no reasonable benefit to sacrificing your acceptance in society through choosing to isolate yourself into the group.

A woman who chooses not to participate in swearing can be assured of being comfortable around both swearers and non-swearers alike.  But, a woman who is accustomed to swearing has isolated herself.  She has limited her potential number of connections with other human beings. This seems pointless and self–defeating.

How to stop swearing

Saying goodbye to your days of profanity is as simple as understanding the social pull which started you swearing in the first place. You felt that using the same language integrated you with these people, but I hope that you can see that such a method of integration comes at too high a cost.

There is no need for you to continue using these words. You have nothing to prove to anybody. Swearing is not an expression of freedom of speech but is rather a handcuff binding you to a certain class of society.

As a developing lady, I challenge you to cast off any use of profanity that you currently use. You are degrading yourself and limiting yourself other opportunities.

How do you feel about women swearing?

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