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Female Chastity in Today’s World

Female Chastity today

Did the sexual revolution that rocked America in the 1960’s change forever the expectation that a lady live in chastity? Are women free to express their sexuality in public and still be respected as a lady?  Does female chastity still have a place in today’s world?

It is fatally easy for Western folk, who have discarded chastity as a value for themselves, to suppose that it can have no value for anyone else. At the same time as Californians try to re-invent celibacy, by which they seem to mean perverse restraint, the rest of us call societies which place a high value on chastity backward. ~ Germaine Greer

These are very strong words from a woman who was widely regarded as one of the most significant feminist voices of the later 20th century. She is saying that female chastity still has great value in many societies, and the sexual revolution should not leave women thinking that chastity is still not a virtue.

Certainly, the expectation that all woman remain virginal is no longer a standard expectation in our western society, but there is still the expectation that the woman APPEARS to be chaste. A man will still treat a woman better if she carries a chaste personality with her. She will gain greater respect among her peers and superiors if she does not wear her sexuality on her sleeve.

I am not advocating one sexual lifestyle over another. What I am saying is that a lady is discrete and keeps her private and intimate affairs, private. Here are some reminders for you to keep in mind.

Maintaining the ladylike appearance of chastity:

* A lady does not discuss her intimate affairs with anyone, except maybe the most discrete friend that she has.

* A lady does not swear. She gives the illusion that she has never heard anyone use profanity in her life.

* A lady does not laugh at sexually explicit jokes. If she does this, she will give herself away.

* A lady ensures that her thighs are together when she sits. This gives the illusion that they never part.

* A lady does not wear clothing which would be better suited on a prostitute. She is not wanting to be classed among provocative women.

Audrey HepburnIf you would like to learn how to express yourself in an appealing and feminine way, the Feminine Foundations Program will take you through eight modules of feminine style and behavior.

Audrey Hepburn is a perfect example of how to smoothly handle this double-standard present in our current society. She had numerous relationships with men, in fact ending up her life living with Robert Wolders, whom she never married. Audrey managed to give such a strong image of feminine purity that her public persona of female chastity was undisputed.

Do you think that female chastity is still alive in today’s world?

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