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Female Body Odor – How to Smell like a Rose

Female Body OdorSometimes you can’t smell your own body odor.  Sometimes it nearly knocks you out! We just have to face it as something that all human beings have and make sure that we have a self-care system in place which stops us from having to worry about whether we smell or not.

What is Body Odor

Body Odor is a bacteria that grows on the body. Bacteria like really warm places and thrive in sweat, which is why most of our body odor comes from our armpits. Sweat itself doesn’t really have a bad odor.

The amount of bacteria and the rate of growth varies from person to person.  This is why some of us are plagued with body odor and some are not.

Keeping it Under Control

Here are the key ways to make sure that you keep your body odor well under control.

  1. Daily body washes. I understand that this is not possible in some areas due to water restrictions and lifestyles, but even if you don’t shower or bathe on a daily basis, you should still be able to give your armpits and private area a good clean with a soap or body wash.
  2. Antiperspirant/Deodorant. I don’t want to get into a debate about the preferences of antiperspirant over deodorant and vice-versa. Suffice to say that antiperspirant works to stop the perspiration which some people feel is not healthy, while deodorant covers up the smell of the bacteria. You choose.
  3. Change your clothes regularly. Bacteria will stay on the clothing, so you need to wear clean clothing daily. Underwear should definitely never be worn for two days in a row. I usually find it easiest to hand wash my underwear while I am having my daily wash. This keeps them in good condition and smelling nice.

When All Else Fails

Should you find that no matter what you do, you cannot seem to get control of your body odor problem, then you may need to have a look at your diet. Diet can play a huge factor in a woman’s body odor. You should also speak to your doctor about this, as there may be a physical condition causing this which can be treated.

Do you have any tips for dealing with FemaleBody Odor?

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