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Divine Feminine

Energize the Divine Feminine

Women are out in the world doing it, and bringing their unique abilities to the forefront of the workplace. This is something so new that it has never been seen before in the history of mankind. But… I am worried… During the 1960’s, emerging feminism equated “Equality of the Sexes” with being the “same” as […]

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Chastity in todays world

Female Chastity in Today’s World

Did the sexual revolution that rocked America in the 1960’s change forever the expectation that a lady live in chastity? Are women free to express their sexuality in public and still be respected as a lady? It is fatally easy for Western folk, who have discarded chastity as a value for themselves, to suppose that […]

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The Weaker Sex

Are Women the Weaker Sex?

The phrase “the weaker sex” is considered offensive to many people. I believe that the phrase is representative of acceptable oppression of women and should be considered obsolete in our modern language. Now, the ladies being together under these circumstances, it was extremely natural that the discourse should turn upon the propensity of mankind to […]

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How to Make a Good First Impression

The moment I see her, I get a sense that she is someone special…. Her posture is my first impression, for her form is obvious to me, well before I can make out any of the finer details. She holds herself upright with a straight back and raised head. I know that only training allows […]

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