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Table Manners – My 8 Top Tips on Dining Etiquette

table mannersDo you have a fancy dinner to go to and don’t have time to sift through volumes of material on table manners?

Did you feel uncomfortable at an event and don’t want it to happen again?

Don’t have the time?

Whatever the reason, let me just give it to you straight in one quick, easy lesson.  Here are my 8 Top Tips on Table Manners.

1. Arrive on Time

Never arrive early and not more than 15 minutes late. (I know that’s not table manners, but people don’t seem to know this)

2. Off the table

Your handbag, phone and keys should never be put on the table. There will likely be a shortage of space as it is.

3. Napkins

Your napkin goes on your lap. TIP – Fold your napkin in half and place the fold against your stomach to stop it falling off.

4. Solids Left, Liquids Right

This means that the bread and butter plate is at your left and YOUR glasses are at your right. When standing you drink with your left hand (to shake hands with your right)but when sitting you drink with your right hand.

5. Outside – In

Your cutlery will be laid in such a position that the outermost cutlery gets used first. All the thinking has already been done for you.

6. Solid Fork – Liquid Spoon

If you manage to get yourself lost, just remember not to eat your soup with a fork or your steak with a spoon and you’ll be just fine. 🙂

7. Fingers don’t go in your mouth

In fact, the only time a woman’s hands should touch her head is when she is at the bathroom mirror. Remember this and you’ll never pick your teeth at the table again.

8. Don’t graze over your food

You only need to lean your upper body slightly forward and your mouth will be over your plate. There is no need to bend your head down into your food. Leave that for the cows. Let the cows be heard chewing too. We will try to be as quiet as possible.

There is a lot more, but I think I’ll forgive your elbows on the table if you can manage to remember the above tips. We have a responsibility to be a gracious guest. We can show our appreciation for a lovely meal by following a few simple standards which will make it enjoyable for everyone.

We teach table manners, and much more, in our Feminine Foundations Program where we have eight modules: mindset, self-care, dress, style, poise, etiquette, speech, and self-development.

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Do you have any easy Table Manners tips to share?

Share your experiences in the comments section below

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