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What is a Casual Dress Code?

Casual Dress Code

I find the topic of casual dress code to be a very interesting topic.  There is a subjective element in its understanding. What one woman considers to be appropriate is rarely shared by women generally. While it is something personal to a woman’s taste and style, there are also other elements at play.

“Casual Dress Code” is a trap that we can easily fall into.  It doesn’t mean dress in casual clothes that you wear around the house.  Generally, the safest way to navigate this minefield is to be a step above causal, and a step below semi-formal.

Don’t worry, by the end of this article, you will have a reasonably clear idea of what is appropriate for you in your situation. It will not only help you when dressing in the morning and with your shopping endeavors, but will help you to appreciate that we all must find our own definition of appropriate.

1. Think about any social, cultural or religious influences

  • An example of social influences may be the workplace, the time of day or attendance at certain events. This derives from a need to be stylish and ladylike, whilst still taking our place amidst society.
  • Examples of cultural influences may be heritage, the way your family and those in your culture are expected to dress, and even an awareness of cultural trends, because cultures are a dynamic entity and we do not want to find ourselves stuck in time one century ago.
  • An example of religious influences may be expectations on women to modestly cover certain parts of their body, to wear certain symbols related to their religion.

2. Personal – comfort

Appropriate casual wear occurs when you find something that makes you feel comfortable and flatters your body, so I would like to look at a few considerations for comfort and body-flattery.


The very definition of the word ‘casual’ is to create a feeling of comfort. Casual wear should be something in which you can feel relaxed in, so it should not be too tight or too short.


Skirt length is probably one of the biggest mistakes that women make when choosing garments. They often see an outfit on a woman and feel that it will look wonderful on themselves. Should your optimum skirt length be above your knee? Once you have answered that in accord with social, cultural and religious implications, you can then assess which is the best length to flatter your body. Often a skirt above the knee can help to bring the eye past larger calves rather than stopping the eye at its widest point. The question is also how far above and how far below the knee.

When considering upper wear, you need to consider whether you have flattering upper arms and whether they would be best with the material ending closer towards the elbows (a slimmer point), than at the shoulders or upper arms. Cleavage is also a big issue. A lady keeps her sexuality for the bedroom, and often what is not stated speaks louder than what is said.

As for pants, you need to consider the size of your thighs, your butt and your stomach.

Color is also a very important way that you can portray your personality to others. If you are a quiet person, you may choose to gravitate towards pastwl colors. A bold woman may choose bold colors. You want your clothes to speak about who you are.

Once you find these elements out about yourself, you will then have the knowledge to know what is appropriate casual dress code for you in the situation.

What does casual dress code mean to you?

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