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How to Apply Lip Liner Correctly – with Video

How to apply lip linerKnowing how to apply lip liner is the secret to not only having beautifully defined lips, it also works to reduce lipstick bleeding and can be used to get extra staying power out of your lipstick color. If you feel that your lips are uneven, proper application of liner can create a more appealing lip shape.

Applying lip liner should be a not-negotiable part of your make-up routine. As lipstick is usually the last thing that we apply, we can tend to become a little careless with it’s application and spoil the whole overall look. For those who find applying liner a difficult, tedious or time-consuming task, I assure you that it will get easier over time and the benefits are well worth it.

You are going to need a few different colors of lip liners. You want to use a lip liner with the same tone (or lighter) to the color of lipstick that you are going to apply. Darker lip liner is never acceptable, because while it may appear satisfactory initially, as your lipstick wears away, you will begin to look like a children’s coloring-in book.

How to apply Lip Liner correctly

Step 1:

Before beginning to apply lip liner, you should ALWAYS give your lip liner pencil a quick sharpen. This is to not only ensure clean lines, but will remove bacteria which can reside on lip liner from previous uses.

Step 2:

For plumper lips, the lip liner will be applied to the outside edge of your natural lip line. Do the reverse (ie, draw slightly within your lip line) for the opposite effect.

Step 3:

Start at the V-shape at the center of your top upper lip. For a softer look, you can make the V more rounded. You will soon find the shape which looks most appealing to you. Some women like to highlight the V shape, while others like to round it off.

Step 4:

Beginning at the top of each V, angle the pencil down across your lip line to the corner of your mouth. Try to connect with the corner of your mouth, rather than following the line of your lip.

Step 5:

Placing the pencil at the lowest point on your bottom lip, now repeat this angled drawing process towards the corner of the your mouth.

Step 6:

To give a solid base to your lipstick, lightly color in your whole lip surface….. Lightly!

VIOLA! You are done. You can now apply your lipstick, blot with tissue and dab on a little lip gloss for the perfect finish.

Do you have any tricks on how to apply lip liner perfectly?

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