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Hairstyles for Women – Cutting to your face shape

Hairstyles for womenWhat face shape do you have?  Have you managed to get to your age without even knowing?  Let that stop right here.  In order to make correct decisions about the best hairstyles for women, you should really know what your face shape is.  Most women are able to tell you their sun sign in a flash, yet they have no idea as to what their face shape is, therefore knowing how to best flatter themselves.

Finding out your face shape is not such a hard thing to do and, in fact, it can be quite fun.  Let’s get it out of the way now, so that you don’t have to live another moment not knowing your face shape.  You will never have to be bothered with charts of various face shapes after this.

Learn your Face Shape – Hairstyles for women

Step One: Go and grab an eyeliner or eyebrow pencil.  Now go into the bathroom and look at yourself close up in the bathroom mirror. Pull your hair back as much as you can so that it out of the way of distracting you. Now draw around your face line, straight onto the mirror with your pencil. What I did then, is to grab a lipstick and drew what shape I saw within my face, so as to highlight the shape to me.  I even signed my masterpiece and left it on the mirror for the family to get a giggle out of.

Step Two: Stand back and take a look at the shape that you have just drawn on the mirror.  Which one of these does it most closely resemble?

Face Shapes

There you go!  You now know your face shape.  Never again will you wonder.

Step Three:  Now that you know your face shape, I am going to give you a bit of knowledge on how to select the right hairstyle for your face shape.  The selecting is up to you, but I will give you tips on the sort of hairstyles for women that you should be looking for. The aim is to even the face out with your hairstyle so as to create a look that is pleasing for you.

Hairstyles for women according to your face shape

Just look at the section below which relates to your face shape (no need to get caught up in all of the face shapes).

Round:  You already have a face that is like a full moon that radiates it subtle light to others, so you don’t want to turn that beautiful vision into someone with a basketball head.  You want to avoid more volume around your face, so aim for a hair length that is below your chin.  Avoid a blunt cut or a bob cut, which will only serve to create an image of cutting the face off from the body.  A smooth flow into the body is the most flattering.

Oval:  Such a beautiful face shape, that can easily turn into a top heavy look.  Avoid anything that creates more size to the top of the head.  Flattering styles include bangs and bobs.  You can also easily wear a long layered look.  Waves are also possible for you, as long as you keep them off the top of your head.

Square:  A strong jaw line is a powerful and dynamic look in a woman, so she doesn’t want to look like she is wearing a box on her head.  She already has enough strong lines in her face, so she wants to avoid sharp lines in her hairstyle (unless she is wanting to go overly dramatic for a certain event). The hair style should have lots of texture, whether it be short and spiky, or long and layered.

Oblong:  This is a longer style face which exudes charm and elegance.  This lady wants a hairstyle which adds extra width to her face, rather than one which draws her face even longer such as long and straight hair..  A style that sweeps to the sides is beautiful, especially if the hair is kept to chin length

Does your hairstyle match your face shape?

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