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How Can I Become More Attractive? – 7 Top Tips

How to be more attractive

It’s quite normal for a woman to want to be seen by other people as being attractive.   However, asking “How can I become more attractive?” can be seen by many people as being shallow and self-obsessed.  For this reason, I am going to both propose AND answer the question.

The practical reality in our modern world is that a great deal of a woman’s self-image is wrapped up in how attractive she considers herself.   Therefore, it is beneficial to a woman’s self-esteem to learn how to present herself as an attractive and desirable person.

Being considered as ‘attractive’ has more to do with presentation than with beauty.  There are elements of our behavior which are viewed as pleasant to other people, and these contribute to the overall perception of our attractiveness.

Here are my 7 top tips to making yourself more attractive:

#1  I Think Therefore I am

If you THINK that you are attractive, then other people will soon think it too.  This may sound too simple to be true, but it is true.

People don’t like to think too much.  If you do some of the thinking for them, especially relating to you, people will often happily adopt the same belief as you.

However, you don’t want people to think that you have a deluded ego, where you tell people how you are better than everyone else.  Seek to maintain a ‘sweet’ awareness of your delightful charms.

#2 Deportment is a Real Thing

Deportment is defined as “the way a person stands and walks”.  As an attractive woman, you should present yourself to the world in a way that is fitting of your charms.  Regardless of whether you feel confident or not, you should maintain a calm poise.

Your shoulders should be back and your head is held high, without the appearance of you looking down your nose.  You aim to stand as tall as possible and control any fidgeting.  Your movements should be slow and controlled.

#3 Smile!

It surprises me just how many people don’t know HOW to smile properly, so as to show you face off to best effect.

When you smile, you activate a completely different set of facial muscles, often changing the entire structure of your face.  Traditionally, we associate the flexing of the ‘smiling’ muscles as being attractive.

Even if you don’t like your teeth, the positive benefit of smiling far outweighs the negative effects of damaged teeth.

#4 Attend a Finishing School

For generations, young women have been attending Finishing Schools (or Charm Schools) where they learn self-care, etiquette, and deportment.  In these modern times, women often don’t have access to an expensive education in learning how to be more feminine.

A Lady Like You operates an online self-study Feminine Foundations Program where we teach feminine mindset, self-care, dress, style, poise, etiquette, speech, and personal development.  Be sure to come along and start studying today.

#5 Care For Your Skin

Caring for your skin is a great way to become more attractive as a proper skin care routine will make you look radiant, beautiful, and fresh.

Women with high self-esteem often know just to how to look their very best through the use of make-up.  This offers a way for a woman to maximize her strengths and minimize her weaknesses.  You should aim for a look that is natural and fresh.

Make-up is certainly not a requirement for becoming more attractive.  My mother is absolutely beautiful and never wore anything more than lipstick and eyebrow pencil.

#6 Be a Nice Person

Even the most attractive woman soon loses her charm, if she is exposed as being rotten and selfish on the inside.

The saying says that “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is true.  If the ‘beholder’ likes you as a human being, then they will identify with the beauty within you.  People are just attracted to nice people and want to be around them.

#7 Selfies are Good For Your Health

In order to be seen in the most attractive light, you need to have an awareness of your facial expressions and body language.  This awareness can be best obtained through the taking of selfies, or by regularly having a conversation with your mirror.

We are often not aware of our distasteful expressions or poses.  You may think that you are looking sweet and demure, when you may just look constipated.

With my Top 7 Tips, you have everything you need to be seen as the most attractive woman in the room.

What other tips do you have for women who want to become more attractive?

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