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How Can I Become More Attractive? – 7 Top Tips

It’s quite normal for a woman to want to be seen by other people as being attractive.   However, asking “How can I become more attractive?” can be seen by many people as being shallow and self-obsessed.  For this reason, I am going to both propose AND answer the question. The practical reality in our modern world is that a great deal of a woman’s self-image is wrapped up in how attractive she considers herself.   Therefore, it is beneficial to a woman’s self-esteem to learn how to present herself as an attractive and desirable person. Being considered as ‘attractive’ has more […]

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Telephone Etiquette

Phone Etiquette – A few basic kindness tips

Never before in history has communication been so immediate and so accessible. Equally, never before have people been so inconsiderate and rude with their communication techniques.   In this world, a little bit of phone etiquette goes a long way. As ladies, we should be setting the precedent for acceptable etiquette. If we don’t hold up the standard for politeness and decency, then who will?  This is a great example of how our female sensitivities can improve the world just a little bit. Basic Phone Etiquette Answering the phone: The correct greeting is “Hello”.  “Good Morning”, “Good Afternoon”, and “Good […]

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Dress Tips for the petite woman

3 “Must-Have” Tips for the Petite or Short Woman

With these three easy-to-remember dress tips you can use your clothing and accessories to create an illusion of greater height.  The eye can play tricks through the use of shape, style and line. Tip #1:  Smaller Things Make You Look Bigger By wearing accessories that are on the delicate side, the eye of the viewer puts this into perspective and is left with the illusion that you are in fact larger.  Accessories should be kept simple in order to avoid overwhelming the eye. Your jewellery should be smaller than normal.  What happens is that the watcher tries to put the jewellery into proportion, […]

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Learn Sign Language

7 Reasons Why You Should Learn Sign Language

You may never have had a desire to learn sign language.  I hope that in the next few minutes I can show you why it would be a great feather in your cap. #1: Hearing Loss is Common Hearing loss is much more common than you think.  There are approximately one million deaf people living in the United States alone. Elegance and charms means that you show a deep respect for all people.  Gentility is an inclusive behavior and people should not be made to feel left out because you are unable to enter even basic communication with them. #2:  […]

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Feeling empty inside

Feeling Empty Inside – Overcoming Emotional Numbness

What is it that leaves us feeling empty inside? We continue to add more and more ‘stuff’ to our life, but somehow the ‘hole’ inside of us just seems to get bigger. Our world calls on us to be stronger…. tougher… thinner…. richer…. and busier, every day of our life. We strive on…. push forward… and stretch ourselves, all the while getting further away from our central core identity.   In fact, I would go as far to say that if you cracked the hard egg-shell of most women, then you would be disappointed to find them almost empty inside. […]

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How to Stand Like a Lady – with Poise and Elegance

Learning how to stand like a lady with poise and elegance, can make you appear thinner, younger, healthier, and more feminine.  It also helps to know how to stand in a pleasing way when you have a camera pointed at you, so as to be sure that you are going to be happy with the photo. Differences between men and women There is a clear difference between the stance of a man and that of a woman.  A man desires to create strong and straight lines, while a woman seeks to create shape and curve in her stance. Keeping the spine aligned […]

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Embrace Your Femininity

How to tap into your feminine energy You should embrace your femininity because it is at the very core of your basic nature.  In the modern world, this inner feminine woman is often left confused.  She often finds herself trying to compete in what is still very much a man’s world.  In this world, feminine traits are considered weak and not business-like. The result is an inner conflict between desired behavior and learned behavior.  It is no wonder that many women have a strong sense of living a life that is not authentic. What is the difference between masculine and […]

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Be more feminine

The Top 7 Tips on How to be Feminine

It is getting harder for a woman to know how to be feminine.  Grace, charm, elegance, and etiquette are skills that are rarely passed down through the generations anymore. So you want to know how to be more feminine and attractive.  Here are 7 tips on how to be feminine in a modern world. Tip One:  Look After Yourself There is nothing soft and feminine about someone who doesn’t take good care of themselves.  Your hair may be dirty and greasy, or your nail polish is chipped and flaking.  It is very obvious to other people that you do not think […]

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Etiquette for Travelling on a plane

Jetiquette – Etiquette for Airplane Travel

Airplane etiquette seems to be something that nobody considers. Plane travel can be very stressful.  Travelers are so focused on all the things that need to be done to get to the end of their journey.  Ticket purchase, queuing, checking in, bag requirements, security, boarding, seating, and customs are all things which can drive the flustered masses to forget all decent behavior. We seem to be hearing on a regular basis about passenger rage occurring on flights, and this even further escalates the expectation of confrontation.  Before travelers get to the airport, they can begin to work themselves up into […]

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Smoking in public

Smoking in Public – Cigarette Etiquette

For those who choose to smoke cigarettes (or ‘vape’ e-cigarettes) in public, there is an expected cigarette etiquette which accompanies this behavior.  As with all etiquette, these social rules are in order to ensure the least discomfort for everyone present.  Smoking in public places is often the cause of must unpleasantness, when the smoker is not exercising appropriate conduct for the situation. Times when there is definitely “No Smoking” No smoking around children, especially in cars.  Cigarette smoke can cause lung development issues, ear infections, and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). No smoking around pregnant women.  Exposure to second-hand smoke […]

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