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Feeling Empty Inside – Overcoming Emotional Numbness

Feeling Empty Inside

What is it that leaves us feeling empty inside?

We continue to add more and more ‘stuff’ to our life, but somehow the ‘hole’ inside of us just seems to get bigger.

Our world calls on us to be stronger…. tougher… thinner…. richer…. and busier, every day of our life.

We strive on…. push forward… and stretch ourselves, all the while getting further away from our central core identity.   In fact, I would go as far to say that if you cracked the hard egg-shell of most women, then you would be disappointed to find them almost empty inside.

Is any of this internal conversation familiar to you?

“Something is missing.  I know this, but I don’t know what.”

“After all, aren’t I fulfilling every expectation put upon me? Why am I still feeling empty inside?”

“I have so much more than most people.  What have I got to complain about?”

“Why should I bother to spend time developing an inside when people only care about the attractiveness of the outside?”

The Reality of the Situation

You’re feeling empty inside because YOU ARE empty inside. You have ignored the inner woman for so long that she is screaming out to you in starvation.

Have you heard any of these?

“You should look after yourself better.”

“You worry too much about other people.”

“You are looking tired.”

A part inside of us takes this kind of comment as a positive affirmation of a selfless person.  This is seen as an attractive trait through a romanticized notion of sacrifice.

While Martyrdom has its place amid religious persecution or defense of kin and country, it does not hold a place amid the basics of life.  It is reserved for exceptional circumstances. There is no reward for such long suffering behavior within normal life.  People will just see you as something to be walked over.

Feeding your Inner Self

The pure energy of your natural femininity still exists within you. From this source point, you can feed yourself and expand into this empty feeling inside, until you are overflowing with self-love and compassion for others.

Loving yourself is how you fill up that empty feeling inside

Trust me, it is a lot easier to read that sentence than it is to live the truth of it.   When you aren’t loving yourself, just telling you to love yourself more is a seeming impossibility.  However, there is still a way, and I am going to put you on the right path and point you in the right direction.

I will slow down and live an intentional life.

So, slow down and focus… to embrace an intentional life which is neither self-aggrandizing nor self-effacing, but that which takes clear responsibility for a life well-lived.

Key words to be given special attention here are “intentional” and “responsibility”.  They are both concepts totally unknown to the person who denies self-accountability under the disguise of self-sacrifice.  Under the stress and speed of life, we can easily find ourselves living ‘automatically’ from a sense of obligation, rather than from directed intention.

Transformation is possible only when one accepts full responsibility for the state of one’s own life.  When fully responsible and wholly intent on the direction that one takes rise or fall, then you can live a complete life, without regret.

If the time has come to review aspects of your life and lead a purpose-driven life, then you can not go past  “The Feminine Foundations Program”  which reviews most aspects of femininity.  The ladies who take this course are taking responsibility for the quality of the future direction of their life.

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