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How to Care for your Hands

How to care for your hands

Knowing how to care for your hands will keep them in beautiful condition

Whether we are aware of it or not, people make judgments on you based on the condition of your hands. People are sensitive to discovering information about people from non-verbal cues. They can deduce if you are disciplined, organized and self-caring by the state of your hands. Dry, unwashed hands with badly manicured nails show a woman who does not have the time or inclination to implement an easy hand care routine.  You can learn how to make your hands look more beautiful by making sure that you keep to a simple routine.

Here is a four point check list for your hands which may help you identify any areas in which you can make improvements.

1. Clean Hands

Regular hand washing is the key to having healthy and attractive hands. Without exception, you should wash your hands every time you use the bathroom. There are certain bacteria that live in certain parts of your body that should never be transferred from your hands to your mouth, your face and, worst of all, to other people. Your hands are the last stop for bacteria, and you ensure this by thoroughly washing your hands every time you use the bathroom. This commitment is not only for your own health but also for the people with which you come into contact.

2. Moisturize

Both morning and night you should massage lotion into your hands as part of your hand care routine. An easy way to remember this is to link it to the end of your morning and evening skin care routine. Give a special attention to the skin on the back of your hands. The skin here is very thin and constantly exposed to the elements, so it ages very easily. Should you be spending some time outside in the sunshine, then you would be well advised to apply a sunscreen lotion to the back of your hands.

The skin on the back of the hands is very thin and is exposed to many elements, including the sun and harsh chemicals.  Many women spend all their time on their face without realizing that knowing how to care for your hands is an important part of appearing ageless.

3. Fingernails

I personally have a professional manicure once every two-three weeks and complete an intermediate grooming of my nails on the week in-between manicures. You should be able to work out for yourself how often you need to tend to your fingernails. Should you have a hobby or career which involves your fingernails getting dirty, then it should be evident that you will need to groom your fingernails much more frequently. It would also be a good idea to purchase a nail brush, which is very inexpensive so that you can scrub under your fingernails when you wash your hands.

While many women enjoy having long fingernails with various colors and air-brushed designs on them, there is no requirement that you do any of these things. In fact, nails that are too long, too bright or with stupid designs on them are a deterrent to many people. Much better to have neatly trimmed nails that are clean, than to go over the top.

I have written a simple article on How to Give Your Nails a Home Manicure that will ensure that your nails are always looking beautiful.

4. Adornments

What a wonderful thing jewelry is! A lovely bracelet or watch frames the hand beautifully while a ring can draw positive attention to your hands. The key here is to keep your jewelry understated. Too much just looks like attention seeking. An old toothbrush and soap will help to keep your jewelry sparkling. You should remember to remove your jewelry while you shower to ensure that you clean the skin underneath. Of course, some women opt to wear no jewelry at all, which is totally acceptable.

If you want to learn how to care for your hands and much more, join the Feminine Foundations Program.

How does your hand care routine shape up?

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