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Self Talk: Clearing out negative thoughts

Clear out your negative thoughtsWhen you are alone, how do you speak to yourself ?

What words come to mind when you look at yourself in the mirror?

Have you ever caught yourself thinking “I am stupid”, “I am lazy”, “I am ugly” or “I am fat”?

If you are regularly having negative thoughts, you face an uphill battle to achieve any lasting change in your life. Even if you manage progress, your mind will continue to remind you that this change is not permanent, because you are innately stupid, lazy, ugly, fat, etc.

You may argue “But, I am only saying what I see!” You can’t “see” stupidity, laziness, ugliness, or fatness. You can only perceive it in your mind. Such things are relative to what you hold up as an ideal.

Ask yourself this…

Who is more perfect at being you than you are?

With this in mind, you can soon see that you are already a perfect you. How can you be a stupider, lazier, uglier or fatter than yourself?

Accepting yourself as you are is only the beginning to changing yourself talk. Next comes the truly magical part.

The body is the physical manifestation of the mind. Tell yourself that you are too fat, and you will stay too fat.

Your body is only obeying what it is told.

Changing your negative thoughts

Instead of making definitive statements about our unworthiness to be ourselves, what if we start using dynamic statements that give our physical form something to do?

Instead of:

  • “I am stupid”, try “I learn new things everyday
  • “I am lazy”, try “I advance constantly
  • “I am ugly”, try “I radiate beauty
  • “I am fat”, try “My body is getting healthy

A lot of women have tried this and start seeing positive changes, but soon find themselves back in the habit of negative self-talk. They may have felt that they were somehow lying to themselves, or simply accepted failure at the first hurdle.

It will take time and effect to change a lifetime of negative self-talk. Lasting self-development should change you at the source.

Louise Hay has given a lifetime of work teaching the benefit of positive affirmations. Her website and books are worth a look.

How to do you stop your negative thoughts?

Share your experiences in the comments section below

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