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Energize the Divine Feminine

Divine FeminineWomen are out in the world doing it, and bringing their unique abilities to the forefront of the workplace. This is something so new that it has never been seen before in the history of mankind.

But… I am worried…

During the 1960’s, emerging feminism equated “Equality of the Sexes” with being the “same” as men. I think that we are now moving above this rung in the ladder of true equality, to a world where women are able to express their natural abilities.

Yet… I am still worried…

What I see, time and time again, are women who are drawing on all the masculine energy that they have, in order to further themselves as women.

Let me explain…

Many people believe that equality happens when we see men and women the same. This is not true equality. True equality is when women are free to express themselves as women, men can express themselves as men, and they are given equal rights in our society.

The Divine Feminine….

All of us have both feminine energy and masculine energy of which to draw from. However, as women, our feminine energy is at our core, and the dominant energy within us.

Feminine energy is gentle, is kind, and is nurturing. Masculine energy is forceful, is competitive, and thrives on competition.

Every day, I see women who are pushing themselves in the exertion of these masculine energies, in order to get ahead. What results is the divine feminine core becomes starved and subjugated.

The next rung on the ladder to true equality is for women to be free to nurture their feminine self, and for this powerful energy to be acknowledged for the power which it holds to create change in our world.

Divine feminine energy is often associated with ‘weakness’, to the point that women hide their central operating force, for fear of being seen as vulnerable.

If this sounds like a feminist rant, it isn’t. It is a fact that the more that women are able to value their femininity, and understand the subtlety of the power which femininity evokes, the more that men are able to allow their masculine energies to come to the fore.

When we have a world where women are free to be fully female, and men are free to be fully male, then we will have a world where true equality lives.

How do you embrace the divine feminine in your life?

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