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First Impressions Matter – How to Make a Good First Impression

Never underestimate the importance of making a good first impression

The moment I see her, I get a sense that she is someone special….  First ImpressionHer posture is my first impression, for her form is obvious to me, well before I can make out any of the finer details. She holds herself upright with a straight back and a raised head. I know that only training allows her to keep her shoulders back with effortless ease. She is sitting comfortably with her knees together. I already know that she walks with an elegant grace.

I can’t help but admire her already. I know that there is so much more to being a lady than just poise, but it is her carriage which has captured my attention and makes me want to find out more. I live in an area with many wealthy women, but few ladies, so I am not drawn to the most attractive or well-dressed woman. This being said, my next assessment is made on her self-care. I look for manicured hands, well-cut hair and healthy skin.

Her clothing doesn’t need to be the latest style or from expensive designers, but it must fit her well. After this, I am looking at her shoes. Women who don’t care for themselves will wear shoes until they fall off their feet. Again, they needn’t be expensive or new, but they should look cared for.

This woman has stood out from the crowd. I want to know this woman because, so far, I have seen enough signs that I may just be in the presence of a lady.

Ah! Finally…. an introduction… My opportunity to see if she is the real thing…

I can’t resist saying “How do you do”, knowing full well that this greeting will trip every diva. If she says, “Fine, thank you, and you?”, she may still be a lady, but nothing says “top-class” more than the reply “How do you do.”

As I engage her with my small talk, this encourages her to expose her weaknesses. I have to know if I am in the presence of the real thing and if I can trust my first impression. Does she have her own small talk repertoire, or am I already getting her life story? Is she showing interest in me, or has she jumped at my first question and taken the stage? Does she fidget, stand too close, speak too loud….?

My brain is processing all of these things almost unconsciously.

I expose my critical eye to you, not to appear shallow, but rather to demonstrate the depth at which we assess other people. Your perceptions may be different but will be there nevertheless.

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This raises the question…

“What first impression are you giving to others?”

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