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Growing Short Hair

Growing short hair – Do it with style and class

So, you’ve decided that you’ve outgrown your short hair style and want to let those locks grow out.  Growing short hair can take a bit of effort to do if you want to continue to look half decent while it is growing.  You can begin to wonder if you will ever look attractive ever again. Don’t reach for the head scarf just yet.  It is possible to make an elegant transition through the awkward stages of growth. Hair grows at around 1cm per month.  Use a ruler to measure from your current length to your desired length, and you can […]

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Clear out your negative thoughts

Self Talk: Clearing out negative thoughts

When you are alone, how do you speak to yourself ? What words come to mind when you look at yourself in the mirror? Have you ever caught yourself thinking “I am stupid”, “I am lazy”, “I am ugly” or “I am fat”? If you are regularly having negative thoughts, you face an uphill battle to achieve any lasting change in your life. Even if you manage progress, your mind will continue to remind you that this change is not permanent, because you are innately stupid, lazy, ugly, fat, etc. You may argue “But, I am only saying what I see!” […]

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Keep Calm in a difficult situation

How to keep calm when in a difficult conversation

There is no room in good society for a lady who is intolerant of the lives  of other people. Such women are soon weeded out as being unsuitable to invite anywhere and generally unpleasant to be around.  We all know what it feels like to find ourselves trapped in a difficult conversation.  We struggle to find the way to keep calm. Learning the art of tolerance involves allowing people to live their life as they choose.  This is regardless of their differing opinions, practices, religion, race, gender, nationality, background or socio-economic status. Tolerance is not simply agreeing with like-minded people […]

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Keep a sleep diary

Keeping a Sleep Diary

The amount of sleep that we need at night varies greatly between each individual.  Even with each person, the sleep requirement alters, depending on age, lifestyle, and health.  Keeping a sleep diary is the way to keep watch over the needs of your body. How much sleep do we need? Most adult women have a sleep requirement of somewhere between 7-9 hours of sleep each day.  If the individual sleep requirement is consistently short, then a sleep debt can accumulate.  This can lead to mental or physical fatigue.  Even a sleep that is shortened by just half-an-hour a day can […]

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Caring for your decolletage

Caring for your Decolletage

What is a Decolletage? (Décolletage) Your decolletage (also called décolleté) is the skin that covers your chest from your neckline down to your cleavage. It is a French term which seems to have no English translation, except perhaps cleavage or exposed chest area. Perhaps this is due to the fact that, although the décolletage has long been a part of a French woman’s skin care routine, many westerners are new to the concept of caring for that part of your body. The skin on your decolletage is thinner than on your face and therefore more prone to showing the signs […]

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Divine Feminine

Energize the Divine Feminine

Women are out in the world doing it, and bringing their unique abilities to the forefront of the workplace. This is something so new that it has never been seen before in the history of mankind. But… I am worried… During the 1960’s, emerging feminism equated “Equality of the Sexes” with being the “same” as men. I think that we are now moving above this rung in the ladder of true equality, to a world where women are able to express their natural abilities. Yet… I am still worried… What I see, time and time again, are women who are […]

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Goal Setting

Goal Setting is an important element of success

Goal setting is a vital element of a lady’s self-development.  Life is a never-ending journey. Unless we have it clear in our mind which milestones we want to reach along the way, we will waste our lives going in various directions that aren’t of our own desire. We also notice that we repeatedly find ourselves back where we began. This journey of life will be much more rewarding if we have a plan. Once we know which milestones (goals) we wish to reach along the way, we can concentrate our efforts to ensure that we keep heading in the right […]

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too much information tmi

TMI What I don’t want to know about you

“It is so lovely to meet you.  I am looking forward to hearing a lot more about your life, family, friends, career and interests.” Before you take this as an open invitation to tell me absolutely every boring detail about your life, let me tell you what I don’t want to know about you. TMI = Too much information. Problems that you have with your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, parents Every lady needs to have one or two long-standing personal friends who become confidants.  We all need someone to share our innermost problems.  Unless I am one of them, I do […]

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Women listening

The Dying Art of Listening Skills

Understanding of people around you is gained by being able to really listen. Although we hear instinctively, listening skills need to be developed and worked upon. A woman who does not know how to really listen to people will come across as being self-absorbed and lacking compassion. Great tips Here are seven great ways for you to help improve your listening skills. If you can just take one lesson from this, you will become a better person. Try to keep your mind free of other thoughts. If there is something niggling away at you, you can tell yourself “I will […]

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Shake hands

Shake hands confidently as a woman

In the westernized business environment, it has become commonplace for women to shake hands with clients and associates.  This also can extend in the social environment, depending on the situation. Women can have a tendency to offer a very limp handshake, or otherwise behave like Sumo wrestlers.  This makes it very important for a lady to learn how to shake hands in a way which does not make the other person feel uncomfortable.  After all, one of the main objectives of becoming a lady is to present yourself to the world in a way which is pleasing and not confrontational.  […]

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