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Getting in and out of a car with poise

Getting out of a car with poiseThis is a favorite with the paparazzi.  Every week there seems to be another terribly embarrassing photograph of a celebrity ungraciously getting in or out of a car.    All of the fame and money in the world is no substitute for an education in female poise.

Why poise is important

Most women will live their entire life without giving poise in a car a second thought.  We may be like men in that we are both human and both put on our pants one leg at a time, but that is where the similarity ends.  Our society is moving towards a more homogeneous sexual identity, where everyone is basically the same.  Unfortunately, this identity is based on masculinity and does not consider the needs of women, such as wearing dresses and skirts.

The common method of getting in and out of a car is to do it one leg at a time. For a woman, this method is full of problems.  Part of the expectation of a woman wearing a dress (especially short skirts) is that she will keep her legs together at all times.  Even when she is wearing pants, we expect her to continue to keep her legs together.  When she swings one leg out of the car and onto the footpath, the spread of her legs is huge.  Ugh!

To make the situation worse, the untrained woman then tops off her ungracious exit by stepping out of the car with her head down, resulting in a view straight down her top.  No expensive make-up, outfit, or handbag is going to detract from the view they are offering up their skirt and down their top.  Not a very elegant look.

How to do it correctly

Before you even think about opening a car door, pull your skirt down.  Skirts ride up when sitting in a car.  Open the car door as far as your arm will stretch, without leaning outwards.

The correct way to get out of a car is to swing BOTH of your legs towards the exit of the car.  You will  be able to only get one leg on the ground, but your knees should stay together.  Your body will follow with your legs, as long as the bucket seats in the car are not too deep.  You will then be able to get your second foot on the ground.  Use your legs to push yourself up into a stranding position, rather than stepping out with your head down.

Poise training is the one thing that all women can do which will increase their charm, style, and grace.  The way you carry yourself places you in a certain societal class independent of your financial situation.  If you are getting in and out of a car like a man, then it is time for you to review your feminine development.

We are feminine… not uni-sex… not masculine…   We will not deny our natural femininity in order to be accepted as equals in this world.

Are you guilty of being too casual with your poise?

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