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Femininity Program – How to be a Lady

This course is designed as to introduce to and educate the student on the elements of being a lady.

The course consists of eight modules and is all-inclusive in the course fee of $147 US. enrol now

Module 1 : The Mindset of a Lady

This module lays out the foundation for the rest of your course. You will learn about yourself from a new angle, confront your current, singular situation and social persona, and single out your needs and expectations about yourself.

Module 2 : Self-Care

The best person who can take care of yourself is, precisely, you. An obvious truth, yet so elusive to most of us at the moment of putting it into practice. This module not only includes information, tips and hints. Here you will raise your awareness when it comes to self-care and incorporate healthy routines to your daily life

Module 3: Dress like a Lady

As women, we are seemingly hard-wired as fashion-aware beings, but your clothes also express your identity and mood as well. In short, your clothes send a message of who you are. In this module you will examine in detail each aspect of what you wear and, more important, what it says about you and what you want it to say about you.

Module 4: Look like a Lady

We modern (and post modern) humans are the only species where it is the female the one who shows off her beauty, enhancing her appearance in a myriad of ways. Here, you will learn how to polish your style so that you can reach beyond looking attractive, letting every detail reveal something else about you.

Module 5: Lady-like Poise

Poise is all about balance of mind and body.  Knowing how to irradiate a refined sense of balance is key to not only how you feel about yourself, but the impression that you give to others.

Module 6: Speak Like a Lady

Small attentions given to how you speak and what you say, will produce large results in your relationship with others. It is always a pleasure to hear a lady speak, as she sends love and compassion with every word.

Module 7: The Social Lady

This module focuses on how to act and manage in public. You will get in touch with the wide variety of ways in which you represent yourself and convey the message of who you are (that is, a Lady). Tune up your social skills, and be prepared.

Module 8: Self-Development

Every and each lady is a particular and dynamic individual who has an important influence on shaping the world around her, and not only needs to establish her own personal goals and find ways to achieve them, but also keep an eye on her personal ongoing evolution. In this module we take a glance -and a grip- on these dynamics for you to adapt them to your life.

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