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Caring for your Decolletage

Caring for your decolletageWhat is a Decolletage? (Décolletage)

Your decolletage (also called décolleté) is the skin that covers your chest from your neckline down to your cleavage. It is a French term which seems to have no English translation, except perhaps cleavage or exposed chest area. Perhaps this is due to the fact that, although the décolletage has long been a part of a French woman’s skin care routine, many westerners are new to the concept of caring for that part of your body.

The skin on your decolletage is thinner than on your face and therefore more prone to showing the signs of aging, and unless you wear turtle-neck sweaters for the rest of your life, other people are going to bear witness to your aging, no matter how good your facial skin-care routine.

Decolletage Care

Include your decolletage in your skin-care routine. Don’t stop at your face, work your way down your neck and include your cleavage.

Sunscreen should be applied to your decolletage if you are going outdoors. Often, your foundation will include a sunscreen, or at the very least protect your face to some extent from the rays of the sun. This results in your décolletage being a very different colour than your face.

Foundation should be chosen to match your décolletage, as this area is rarely made up. A little mineral makeup applied to this area will help to even out its tone.

Dealing with wrinkles from sleeping

Chest wrinkles occur when you are sleeping on your side. Here are some of the products currently on the market to help with this issue.

Pink Kush Support

A pillow for the breasts, so that the weight of the top breast doesn’t cause wrinkling, and pressure on the other breast. This kind of pillow is useful for women who have had breast augmentation or are breastfeeding, as well. They are not expensive and are purchased in packs of two.


Chest-A-Peel Heart Pillow

This décolletage pillow seems a little less ‘phallic’ and would be better suited for women who perspire a lot in their sleep, or have smaller than a c-cup breast. By keeping the décolletage area from creasing through the night, it will help to reduce the wrinkles that have built up over many years.


Decollette Pad

These are self-adhesive pads which last for between 30-60 days before they lose their stickiness. I think they are a great idea, but you need to be prepared to regularly purchase them.



Premium Beauty Rejuvenating Neck and Decollete Cream

This is quite an inexpensive cream specifically designed to improve elasticity. The tri-peptides compound and sea buckthorn oil work together to reactivate the skin’s ability to ward off signs of aging. It is a light, quick-absorbing cream.



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