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Embrace Your Femininity

How to tap into your feminine energy You should embrace your femininity because it is at the very core of your basic nature.  In the modern world, this inner feminine woman is often left confused.  She often finds herself trying to compete in what is still very much a man’s world.  In this world, feminine traits are considered weak and not business-like. The result is an inner conflict between desired behavior and learned behavior.  It is no wonder that many women have a strong sense of living a life that is not authentic. What is the difference between masculine and […]

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Be more feminine

The Top 7 Tips on How to be Feminine

It is getting harder for a woman to know how to be feminine.  Grace, charm, elegance, and etiquette are skills that are rarely passed down through the generations anymore. So you want to know how to be more feminine and attractive.  Here are 7 tips on how to be feminine in a modern world. Tip One:  Look After Yourself There is nothing soft and feminine about someone who doesn’t take good care of themselves.  Your hair may be dirty and greasy, or your nail polish is chipped and flaking.  It is very obvious to other people that you do not think […]

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Divine Feminine

Energize the Divine Feminine

Women are out in the world doing it, and bringing their unique abilities to the forefront of the workplace. This is something so new that it has never been seen before in the history of mankind. But… I am worried… During the 1960’s, emerging feminism equated “Equality of the Sexes” with being the “same” as men. I think that we are now moving above this rung in the ladder of true equality, to a world where women are able to express their natural abilities. Yet… I am still worried… What I see, time and time again, are women who are […]

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