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Greetings – How to meet people with style and grace

how to meet peopleI always remember the expression that “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”  The first time that you meet someone is a landmark event for any future contact that you may have with that person.  This makes it very important to start off the relationship in a healthy way, and know how to meet people with style and grace.  If you take a moment to think about some of the people that you know, you will most likely have a very clear memory of your first meeting, as well as your initial impressions as to their character.

The subject of greetings can be quite a complicated one.  This is because in this vast world that we live in, there are countless cultures with their own distinctive etiquette.  Add to this, religious, regional, social, and ritualistic influence, and you are left with an endless list of variations.

Luckily for us, the elegance of a lady transcends all of these variations.  Women of charm and grace exude an essence that is noticed and appreciated wherever or however she chooses to live.

Here is how to meet people with grace and charm:


I feel a need to put a boundary on this seemingly simple instruction.  In an effort to appear pleasing and hospitable, some women take this simple courtesy one step too far and become over-exuberant in their greeting.  They greet perfect strangers with smiles and coo’s which can only be false because they do not know the person they are meeting.  Don’t fall into this trap of seeming too eager to please.  Your smile should be pleasant, yet reserved.  Save your tooth-flashing smiles for your closest friends.

Eye Contact

As the years of this modern age fly by, we seem to do whatever we can to avoid making eye-contact.  We wonder why when we see them again a few weeks later, that we don’t remember them.  This is because we never really bothered to look at them properly in the first place.  If you find that you have the habit of taking a quick glace and then quickly averting your eyes, you are not alone.  You are also in a great position to make this small change that will produce a dramatic effect in your presentation.

Stand up

Even as a lady, rising to greet someone is a sign of class.  Unless your culture dictates that you must remain seated, you should aim to get on a similar eye level as the person with whom you are greeting.  This form of respect will say a lot more about you than the glibbest of words.


Should there not be a third party present to make the necessary introductions, you should not forget the need to introduce yourself.  You should clearly state your name at the first opportunity.  Also, try to say a few words about yourself that are relevant to the situation that you are in.  For example, in a business situation, I may say “Nice to meet you. My name is Lynda Margaret and I teach image, etiquette and self-development to women.”  In a more social setting, I may say “Hello.  I am Lynda and this is my partner, Johnathon.  We are friends of Michael and Mary.”  Do not feel obliged to discuss your occupation in a social situation.

Remember to Remember

It is so easy to get caught up in the moment when meeting someone new, that their name quickly becomes forgotten amid a whirl of sights and sounds.  A person’s name is the most important name on Earth to them.  If you can remember to remember their name and frequently repeat it back to them, you will fluff up their ego in such a positive way that they will wonder what it is about you what makes them feel so good.  If you forget everything else that they say to you, yet remember their name and repeat it back to them, you will make a wonderful impression.

With these simple techniques, you will know how to meet people properly.  Yu will be able to polish your greetings and make yourself unforgettable.  You will stand out as a lady of class and breeding.

What tips do you have for how to meet people with charm?

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