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Growing short hair – Do it with style and class

Growing Short Hair is possibleSo, you’ve decided that you’ve outgrown your short hair style and want to let those locks grow out.  Growing short hair can take a bit of effort to do if you want to continue to look half decent while it is growing.  You can begin to wonder if you will ever look attractive ever again.

Don’t reach for the head scarf just yet.  It is possible to make an elegant transition through the awkward stages of growth.

Hair grows at around 1cm per month.  Use a ruler to measure from your current length to your desired length, and you can find out how many months you have, until you will reach the length that you want.  Don’t forget to add a few months to allow for trimming your hair along the way.

Tips for growing short hair:

Time between hairdresser visits

I have learned the hard way, that it is probably best to extend the time between visits to your hair stylist.  Twelve months ago, I decided to grow out my short hair.  I requested only the tiniest of trims, but did not alter my appointments from every six weeks.  After one year, I still hadn’t grown my hair passed the bottom of my ears.  I have extended the time between trims and have started to see growth.

Keep framing your face

As your hair is growing out, ask your hairdresser to texture the hair framing your face.  If your hair looks trimmed around your hairline, then you can hide a multitude of sins.  This is not the time to avoid the hair stylist, but to work together to achieve some clever illusions while you are growing your hair.

Tucking the hair behind the ears

As soon as the sides get longer, you can start tucking your hair behind your ears.  This will keep some control over your hair, which is probably trying to imitate Lisa Simpson about now.  For a while, you may need to use a couple of bobby pins to hold the hair in place.

Rollers can make a style out of anything

Rollers or a curling iron will create a loose wave with lots of bounce.

An Ombre Effect

An Ombre effect will flatter your hair as it grows out.  This effect is normally darker at the roots, gradually getting lighter towards the end.

Hair Gel

Slick all of the hair back using hair gel.  This is great for those days when your hair just won’t stay in place, or when you have to be out the door in five minutes.

Hair Scarfs

I know that I told you to put away that hair scarf, but maybe it is a good time to pick them back up again.  Wearing hair scarves as a style accessory can add to the whimsical, stylish look that you are going for.

What tips to you have for growing short hair?

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