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Telephone Etiquette

Phone Etiquette – A few basic kindness tips

Never before in history has communication been so immediate and so accessible. Equally, never before have people been so inconsiderate and rude with their communication techniques.   In this world, a little bit of phone etiquette goes a long way. As ladies, we should be setting the precedent for acceptable etiquette. If we don’t hold up the standard for politeness and decency, then who will?  This is a great example of how our female sensitivities can improve the world just a little bit. Basic Phone Etiquette Answering the phone: The correct greeting is “Hello”.  “Good Morning”, “Good Afternoon”, and “Good […]

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Etiquette for Travelling on a plane

Jetiquette – Etiquette for Airplane Travel

Airplane etiquette seems to be something that nobody considers. Plane travel can be very stressful.  Travelers are so focused on all the things that need to be done to get to the end of their journey.  Ticket purchase, queuing, checking in, bag requirements, security, boarding, seating, and customs are all things which can drive the flustered masses to forget all decent behavior. We seem to be hearing on a regular basis about passenger rage occurring on flights, and this even further escalates the expectation of confrontation.  Before travelers get to the airport, they can begin to work themselves up into […]

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Smoking in public

Smoking in Public – Cigarette Etiquette

For those who choose to smoke cigarettes (or ‘vape’ e-cigarettes) in public, there is an expected cigarette etiquette which accompanies this behavior.  As with all etiquette, these social rules are in order to ensure the least discomfort for everyone present.  Smoking in public places is often the cause of must unpleasantness, when the smoker is not exercising appropriate conduct for the situation. Times when there is definitely “No Smoking” No smoking around children, especially in cars.  Cigarette smoke can cause lung development issues, ear infections, and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). No smoking around pregnant women.  Exposure to second-hand smoke […]

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The Hostess Gift

The Hostess Gift – Knowing what to bring

The hostess gift is a way of thanking the hostess for the time, effort, and cost involved in preparing for the event to which you are invited.  It is a good exercise in gratitude to spend a few moments considering the effort undertaken to provide a pleasurable experience for you.  This should ensure that Hostess Gifts are not seen as an unpleasant obligation, but a form of recognition and appreciation. Upon accepting any invitation, the first question should be, “Do I need to bring a gift for the hostess*?” The only thing that you need to consider is the type […]

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Christmas Card Etiquette

Christmas Card Etiquette

Many of us still partake in the yearly ritual of sending Christmas cards to those people who are on our Christmas card list. It is a way of remembering those people in our lives that we will not be personally visiting over the holiday season, to let them know that they are still in our thoughts. In some cases, it may be the only contact that we make with them during the entire year. The Christmas Card List Your Christmas card list is the key to a successful Christmas card program. This will spare you the embarrassment of forgetting a […]

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how to greet people

Greetings – How to meet people with style and grace

I always remember the expression that “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”  The first time that you meet someone is a landmark event for any future contact that you may have with that person.  This makes it very important to start off the relationship in a healthy way, and know how to meet people with style and grace.  If you take a moment to think about some of the people that you know, you will most likely have a very clear memory of your first meeting, as well as your initial impressions as to their character. […]

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Is it RIP for the RSVP? – Are your invitations getting acknowledged?

The Definition RSVP is a French acronym, “répondez s’il vous plaît”, which translates into English as “respond please”. It is used on invitations in which the host requests that the invitee respond whether they will be attending or not. The Problem Hosts are relating a constant problem that invited guests are not taking notice of the RSVP request. This makes it very difficult for a host to know how many people will be attending their event, and to what extent to cater for the people who will come. Why is it a problem? I can identify two reasons why invitees […]

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Keep Calm in a difficult situation

How to keep calm when in a difficult conversation

There is no room in good society for a lady who is intolerant of the lives  of other people. Such women are soon weeded out as being unsuitable to invite anywhere and generally unpleasant to be around.  We all know what it feels like to find ourselves trapped in a difficult conversation.  We struggle to find the way to keep calm. Learning the art of tolerance involves allowing people to live their life as they choose.  This is regardless of their differing opinions, practices, religion, race, gender, nationality, background or socio-economic status. Tolerance is not simply agreeing with like-minded people […]

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Shake hands

Shake hands confidently as a woman

In the westernized business environment, it has become commonplace for women to shake hands with clients and associates.  This also can extend in the social environment, depending on the situation. Women can have a tendency to offer a very limp handshake, or otherwise behave like Sumo wrestlers.  This makes it very important for a lady to learn how to shake hands in a way which does not make the other person feel uncomfortable.  After all, one of the main objectives of becoming a lady is to present yourself to the world in a way which is pleasing and not confrontational.  […]

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Invitation dress code

Explaining the Invitation Dress Code

It is always lovely to receive an invitation to an event.  It’s even more pleasurable if you know how to dress to the requested dress code. Invitation Dress Code White Tie (Formal) – This is as formal as it gets.  Wear a floor-length evening gown that fits you perfectly (and covers you).  Gloves are preferred, but optional. Black Tie (Formal) – Try to think like a movie start and project a bit of old-fashioned Hollywood glamour.  Traditionally, a floor-length evening gown is required dress.  An elegant cocktail dress is permitted if the event starts before 8pm. Creative Black Tie – […]

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